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Adaza's Contact
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
Name of Person Someone Adaza.com can contact for website related information. Information in this section will NOT be displayed on the website. (Or used in any way other than to contact you about your website.) Drew Cover
Address 555 55th St
Lohrville IA
Phone Number (712)555-5555
Email Address It can reduce your costs if Adaza.com can communicate with you by email. adazacom@yahoo.com (Optional)
Customer Contact
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
Business Name Customer Contact information is what you want your customers to see. It WILL be promoted on your website and any other advertisement Adaza.com does for you. Adaza.com
Other Business Names List any other names the business uses in its various services. Adaza Graphics & Design
Adaza Web Marketing
Phone Numbers Business phone numbers you want customers to call. (712)465-5004
Email Address(es) Business email(s) service@adaza.com (Optional)
Street Address The business' address; where you want customers to go. (See explanation below.) Hwy 175, Lohrville, IA 51453 (Optional)
Opening Hours 8-4:30 Weekdays (Optional)
Web Address (URL) Does your company already have a web address registered? Yes, Adaza.com
Web Address Preferences. If no, list a few web addresses you would be happy with. (See explanation below.) AdazaGraphics.com
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
Business Phrase Several word description of what the business does or sells. Website, Marketing, Graphic Design
Slogan Not necessarily different from Business Phrase Websites, Effective Marketing, Effective Business
Brief Business Description A paragraph (a couple sentences) about the business. Adaza.com is devoted to fulfilling all the marketing and advertising needs of small businesses in the midwest. The company provides a multiprong marketing approach tailored to the company's individual marketing needs and budget. Adaza.com strives to improve the use of a company's marketing and/or customer support budgets through websites, newpaper ads, and other media.
Logo Do you have one or more logos that you are happy with? (See explanation below.)
Other Info Any other general info about your services or products you want your website to provide. Enter the information here, or describe the type of information you would like to provide. I would like to have a page for each of the services my business provides, showing what we do, how we do it, and how we are better than the competition.
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
Primary Goal What is the primary reason that you want a website? Enter A, B, ... or F from the examples or write in your own.
A) Increase product sales.
B) Increase awareness of my business among my target customers.
C) Communicate with my current customers, in order to encourage repeat business.
D) Communicate more with my current customers while reducing mailing and phone costs.
E) Improve customer support while reducing customer support costs.
F) Reduce advertising costs.
Other Significant Goals What are other goals which you EXPECT of the site? Again choose one or more from the examples or write in your own.
Hopes What other hopes do you have for the site? - Other goals you'd be happy about achieving but are not immediately critical. (Optional)
Selling Products On-line
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
On-line Catalog Write in the letter of the option that best describes what you would like. (See explanation below for a discussion of costs.)
A-No Catalog
My business is primarily special services or I do not wish to invest in putting a product catalog on the internet and keeping it updated, at this time.
B-Sample Catalop
I wish to display samples of my products on-line but I do not need people to be able to order directly from it.
C-Incomplete Catalog
I wish some of my simple/high volume products to be on-line and I want customers to be able to order them.
I wish to have a Sample Catalog of my services or built-to-order products and an Incomplete Catalog for my simple/high volume products.
E-Complete Catalog
I wish to have all the products our business sells on-line and have customers to be able to order them directly.
Number of Products in Sample Catalog If you answered B or D above, how many products would you display in your Sample Catalog? (See explanation.) (Optional)
Number of Products in Order Catalog If you answered C , D, or E above above, how many products would you display in the catalog people can order from? (Optional)
On-line Payment Write in the letter which best describes how you want on-line customers to pay you. (See explanation.)
Website visitors will not pay on-line. They will mail a check, or phone us, or in some other way work out payment.
B-On-line Credit Card Payments.
Our business is already setup for payment by credit and we wish to allow secure credit card payment over the internet.
C-Credit Card Payment Plus Set-up.
We are not set-up to accept credit cards but we would like to accept credit card payments over the web if costs are not prohibitive.
Website Updating Options
Please Fill InDescriptionExample
Site Updating Involvement. Write in the letter that best describes your intentions and expectations for updating the site. (See explanation.)
A-Maximum Involvement
I (or another employee of my business) will do as much of the updating of the website as I can. I would like to be trained to add new products and update pages, myself.
B-Some Involvement
I am willing to do some of the updating myself as long as I don't have to take to much time learning new skills, or buy new equipment.
C-Minimal Involvement
I want to have as little to do with the updating of the website as possible. I have no time to mess with it.
Do you have access to a computer?
Do you have a scanner?
Do you have a digital camera?
Do you use the internet?
Do you use e-mail?
Can you email an attachment?
Do you know how to 'compress' an image?

Explanations of various fields
Street Address (Customer Contact Section): If you are a store with opening hours you'll want to promote this address, possibly with a web-displayed map etc. If you work out of your house and you wouldn't want people showing up just anytime, you may choose not to display any address on the site.
Web Address Preferences. (Customer Contact Section): I will register a web address (aka. a URL) for you. This address will uniquely identify you to the entire world. Often, it is difficult to find an address that suits your company that is not already taken, or is not so similar to another company as to be confusing. In general, all short English words and most combinations thereof, are already taken. Including an uncommon name (like Adaza) often makes it easier to find an available web address.
Logo (Business Section): Please include with this form any letterheads, business cards, you have used in the past. If you have a logo you are happy with Adaza.com will simply make it web-ready by drawing it up on the computer. If you don't, then please include any ideas you have for a logo, either written or drawn. Adaza.com will design a logo that it will then use (on your approval) in all its advertising for you. Adaza.com's advertising is visually oriented and operates with the concept that several advertising media enhance eachother. An easily recognizable logo is a necessary part of this strategy. It ties the ads in two different media together for the potential customer.
On-line Catalog (Selling Products On-line Section): The main cost of maintaining a website is the cost of updating it. If you have a catalog on-line the cost of it is the cost of updating the products in it. These costs increase from option A to F.

An example, a construction company which wants to display some of the houses it's built but doesn't need people to be able to order on-line would mark B.

Number of Products in Sample Catalog (Selling Products On-line Section): For counting products: Say you sell a vase in red, green, or blue. Count it as 1 if you want 1 picture in the catalog, 3 if you want 3 different pictures. I don't need exact numbers but I need to know whether the totals are around 5, or 20, or 100 ...
On-line Payment (Selling Products On-line Section): Again, costs increase as you go down the list.
Site Updating Involvement. (Website Updating Options Section): Most of the businesses that employ me, do so because they don't want to learn to build or maintain websites. I am fine with that. It is my job. A few just want me to set it up for them and show them how to maintain it and they will run it themselves. I can do that, too. Depending on what computer equipment and computer skills you have, there is a cost effective middle ground. This is where you supply me with the material needed for updating, by email. This material can be pictures of products, product and service descriptions, or info for new pages. (A) may mean some initial expenses in training and equipment, (Obviously we'll ensure this is in your budget.) but would be the smallest on-going expenses. (C) would mean significantly larger on-going expenses.

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